23 September 2013

Yuri Ermoliev visited Jalta, Ukraine

Yuri Ermoliev gave a lecture “IIASA and Systems Analysis: history and new challenges” at The International School for Young Scientists, Professor, and Graduate Students “Problems of Decisions Making under Uncertainty” organized on the base of Crimean Humanitarian University.

In his 3-hour talk Y. Ermoliev discussed uniqueness of IIASA established in 1972 as a global research institute, examples of research, in particular, the leading role of IIASA in creating international community researchers and practitioners working in stochastic optimization, the main approach for robust decision making under uncertainty. Major global challenges to be addressed by IIASA were illustrated by results of the IIASA-NASU joint project. The talk distinguished the traditional analysis of (natural) systems from systems analysis (SA) of (desirable human-related) systems. Therefore, the talk focused on addressing the lack and even absence of repetitive observations, inherent uncertainty, irreversibility of decisions, the need for integrating strategic long-term decisions and their flexible adaptive short-term adjustments after observations of uncertainties become available.

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