15 December 2013

Renewable Resources, Sustainability, and Search in Heidelberg, Germany

Elena Rovenskaya, Sergey Aseev and Alexey Davydov attended the workshop on Renewable resources, Sustainability and Search in Heidelberg on 12-14 December 2013 organized by the Chair of Economics, University Duisburg-Essen.

Elena Rovenskaya gave the presentation on "Balancing ecological and economical goals in forest management' describing the preliminary results of the joint EEP-ASA-ESM project on forest modeling and optimization. Sergey Aseev gave the presentation "On some properties of adjoint variable in relations of the maximum principle for optimal economic growth problems". Alexey Davydov gave the presentation "Optimal stationary exploitation of two size-structured competing populations" co-authored with Anton Platov and he (together with Anton Belyakov) also was a co-author of the presentation "Optimal Cyclical Exploitation of Renewable Resource" given by Vladimir Veliov (Institute of Mathematical Methods in Economics Vienna University of Technology).  

Workshop program:  http://www.stefanbehringer.com/WorkshopHDInfoDue.pdf

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