26 February 2013

Hearing of the Committee for the Futures of Finnish Parliament

Our colleague Leena Ilmola has been invited for the Hearing about the Government report on the future of Finland and related policies. The Committee for the Futures is commenting the “Government Report on the Future: well-being through sustainable growth” before it will be presented to the Parliament Plenary Session for the political discussion. 

The committee has invited a selected group of experts to provide their comments on the Report. Leena’s role is to review the report in the context of  emerging global uncertainties and comment the proposed policy actions from the resilience perspective.   

The Committee for the Futures is one of the very few parliamentary Futures Committees in the world. The Committee deliberates parliamentary documents referred to it and, when requested to do so, makes submissions to other committees on futures-related matters, which are included in their spheres of responsibility and have a bearing on development factors and development models of the future. The Committee conducts research associated with futures studies, including their methodology. The Committee also functions as a parliamentary body that conducts assessments of technological development and the effects on society of technology.

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Last edited: 13 March 2014


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