ASA Events

ASA Events

27 Mar 2017 - 30 Mar 2017
First workshop of the working group “Dynamic Vegetation Models: The Next Generation”

This workshop kicks-off the work of the IIASA-coordinated working group consisting of about 35 leading scientists worki... More

23 Apr 2017 - 28 Apr 2017
IIASA at EGU 2017

IIASA researchers and staff will participate in the European Geophysical Union General Assembly 2017, presenting new res... More

Past Events

12 Jan 2017 - 14 Jan 2017
Russia and IIASA: Setting priorities

An IIASA delegation led by Director General and CEO Professor Dr. Pavel Kabat visited Moscow to participate in the Gaida... More

05 Jan 2017 - 07 Jan 2017
Workshop on Systems Ecology

The Advanced System Analysis program is hosting a workshop on Systems Ecology on 5-7 January, 2017. More

23 Nov 2016 - 25 Nov 2016
Visit of a Delegation of Young Scientists from Universities of the Russian Federation

From 23-25 November 2016 a delegation of young scientists from universities of the Russian Federation visited IIASA. More

22 Nov 2016 - 23 Nov 2016
EU-EAEU in Greater Eurasia: Long-Term Agenda for Economic Cooperation

This was the concluding workshop in the framework of the IIASA project Challenges and Opportunities of Economic Integrat... More

18 Oct 2016 - 19 Oct 2016
International dialogue on integrating science and technology advice into foreign ministries

The International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) in collaboration with the Fletcher School of Law and Di... More

07 Oct 2016 - 09 Oct 2016
Arctic Circle Assembly

Representatives from IIASA and the Arctic Futures Initiative took part in events and meetings as part of the annual Arct... More

03 Oct 2016 - 08 Oct 2016
International conference in memory of academician Arkady Kryazhimskiy "Systems Analysis: Modeling and Control"

IIASA is co-organizing the international conference "Systems Analysis: Modeling and Control" dedicated to the memory of ... More

29 Aug 2016 - 01 Sep 2016
EcoSummit 2016

Ten IIASA researchers from across the insititute will participate in the EcoSummit 2016, the fifth in a series of confe... More

08 Aug 2016 - 10 Aug 2016
Pakistan's National Member Organization Secretary visits IIASA

Dr. Syed Javaid Khurshid, Pakistan’s National Member Organization Secretary, visited IIASA and met with Director Gener... More

24 Jun 2016
Systems ecological approaches to analyze network of networks

Brian Fath is giving a talk at the Danube Research Institute, MTA Centre for Ecological Research. More

16 Jun 2016 - 18 Jun 2016
St. Petersburg International Economic Forum

The St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) is an annual international conference focusing on economic and b... More

13 Jun 2016 - 14 Jun 2016
Workshop on Multi-Model Integration

The workshop is intended to bring together experts in the methodology and applications of "integration" of alternative m... More

23 May 2016
IIASA joins Complexity Science Hub Vienna

At the Visions for Complexity Conference, organized by the Complexity Science Hub Vienna (CSH), IIASA was officially ann... More

25 Apr 2016 - 29 Apr 2016
Visit of Southern African Systems Analysis Centre (SASAC) Delegation to IIASA

This week, IIASA hosts a group of South African PhD students working on systems analysis projects in collaboration with ... More

17 Apr 2016 - 22 Apr 2016
IIASA at EGU 2016

IIASA researchers and staff will participate in the European Geophysical Union General Assembly 2016, presenting new res... More

13 Apr 2016 - 14 Apr 2016
Labor market and migration across the Eurasian continent

This was the sixth workshop in the framework of the IIASA’s project “Challenges and Opportunities of Economic Integr... More

19 Jan 2016 - 21 Jan 2016
The Food-Energy-Water Nexus

IIASA researchers will take part in the 16th conference and global forum on science, policy, and the environment, organi... More

07 Oct 2015 - 09 Oct 2015
4th International Workshop on Uncertainty in Atmospheric Emissions

The 4th International Workshop on Uncertainty in Atmospheric Emissions is jointly organized by the Systems Research Inst... More

15 Sep 2015 - 16 Sep 2015
Development of Transport and Infrastructure in Eurasia

This is the fifth workshop in the framework of the IIASA’s project “Challenges and Opportunities of ... More

19 Jul 2015 - 31 Jul 2015
Summer Academy on Economic Growth and Governance of Natural Resources (MSA2015)

A new generation of 57 students and young scientists from 24 countries studied contemporary concepts of the mana... More

13 May 2015 - 16 May 2015
Workshop on Optimal Control and Dynamic Games

IIASA scientists from different programs and disciplines are presenting their research at this conference. More

12 May 2015 - 13 May 2015
Futures of Energy in Eurasia in the Global Context

This is the fourth workshop in the framework of the IIASA’s project “Challenges and Opportunities of Economic Integr... More

04 May 2015 - 07 May 2015
The Biennial International Workshop Series "Advances in Energy Studies"

The 9th edition of the workshop brings together scientists at the interface of energy related environmen... More

24 Apr 2015
ClimTrans2050 Expert Workshop

Matthias Jonas and Piotr Zebrowski gave a talk at the ClimTrans2050 Expert Workshop, held at the Austrian Institute of E... More

09 Feb 2015 - 10 Feb 2015
Understanding complexity: Offering solutions to problems of the 21st century

Leading scientists in complex systems will present their research at a unique event organized by the Complexity Science ... More

27 Jan 2015
4th Viennese Talks on Resilience and Networks

High-level Austrian officials, international experts, and practitioners are meeting to discuss and review specific best ... More

20 Nov 2014 - 21 Nov 2014
Non-Tariff Barriers and Technical Regulations

This is the third workshop in the framework of the IIASA’s project “Challenges and Opportunities of Economic Integra... More

12 Nov 2014 - 14 Nov 2014
Ukrainian workshop of IIASA-NASU Project

A workshop presenting mid-term results of the cooperation project between IIASA and the National Academy of Sciences, Uk... More

29 Sep 2014 - 30 Sep 2014
Multi-model integration

Workshop within Knowledge Based Climate Mitigation Systems for a Low Carbon Economy (COMPLEX) project. More

28 Jul 2014 - 30 Jul 2014
Kick-off meeting on Agent-based Modeling for Korean Foresight

IIASA hosts a kick-off workshop dedicated to the start of IIASA-STEPI (Science and Technology Policy Institute, Seoul, K... More

08 Jul 2014 - 09 Jul 2014
Trade Policy Regimes

This is the second workshop in the framework of the IIASA’s project on “Challenges and Opportunities of Economic Int... More

22 Apr 2014 - 25 Apr 2014
EMCSR 2014: Civilization at the Crossroads – Response and Responsibility of the Systems Sciences

IIASA is co-organizing a conference session. This session demonstrates how novel system analytical methods can support ... More

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