22 October 2013

Elena Rovenskaya visited Beijing, China

From 13 to 21 October Elena Rovenskaya together with Ying Cao visited China by invitation of the Prof. Xiangyang (Helen) Xu, Professor at the School of Management, China University of Mining and Technology Beijing (CUMTB) and Director of its Resources and Environmental Policy Research Center.

During that visit Elena and Ying discussed with Helen Xu future collaborative project between ASA/IIASA and School of Management/CUMTB on Trade-offs between economic benefit from coal mining and land use for agriculture and settlement. Funded by the Chinese Ministry of Education Helen Xu’s PhD student Junlian Gao will join ASA for a year starting from 1 November 2013 to work on this project. On 17 October IIASA visitors gave public lectures at CUMTB: Elena Rovenskaya, gave lecture on “Bridging the Gap between Agents’ Aims in Socio-environmental Models”; Arkady Kryazhimskiy gave a lecture on “Competition of Large-scale Projects Winners, Losers and Equilibrium” and Ying Cao gave a lecture on “Urbanization – Evolution of Industry and Human Distribution Process in the Eastern Asia and China”. The lecture session was widely attended by CUMTB students and staff.

On 15 October Elena Rovenskaya, Ying Cao and Helen Xu had a meeting with Jingwen An, Dean of the CUMTB School of Management; and on 16 October Elena Rovenskaya, Arkady Kryazhimskiy and Ying Cao together with Helen Xu and Jingwen An had a meeting with Yaodong Jiang, CUMTB Vice-President and his colleagues from the CUMTB international department; at both meetings the prospects of future collaboration between ASA/IIASA and CUMTB were discussed including more student visits to IIASA and a possible research project on migration and other social issues in China/Central Asia.

Besides meetings at the China University of Mining and Technology Beijing, Elena Rovenskaya and Ying Cao had several meetings at other prominent Chinese universities and institutes. On 15 October they visited the Institute of Geographical Sciences and Natural Resources Research (IGSNRR) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. They had a meeting attended by Xiubin Li, Professor and Chief Scientist, and Ming Zhang, Deputy Director of Division on Scientific Management and their colleagues to discuss the progress on the joint ASA/IIASA – IGSNRR project on Integrated Analysis and Modeling of Land Use Efficiency and Security under Rapid Agricultural Transformation in China funded by NSFC (2012-2016).

On 16 October Elena, Arkady and Ying met with Yong Tao Zhang, Director of the Division of International Cooperation at National Science Foundation of China (NSFC), Yinglan Zhang , the former Chinese NMO secretary and Chuang Zhao, the current Chinese NMO secretary. They discussed new initiatives which are of joint interest to ASA/IIASA and NSFC: a summer school for young scientists to be co-organized by Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) and NSFC, a workshop on Evolution and Cooperation in Beijing to be co-organized by IIASA and NSFC, other possible IIASA – Chinese research projects.

On 16 October Elena, Arkady and Ying also visited the Tsinghua University. They met with Bing Zhu, Executive Deputy Director of the Institute of Circular Economy (ICE) at TsingHua University to discuss the progress on the joint ASA/IIASA – ICE  project on Optimization of Resource Productivity for Sustainable Economic Development funded by NSFC (2012-2015).

On 16 and 17 October Elena and Ying visited Peking University (PKU) by the invitation of Jie Wang, PKU Vice-President and the current (until 1 November) Chinese NMO chair. On 16 October they had a meeting with PKU National School of Development attended by PKU staff to discuss possible collaboration in the field of economic modeling. On 17 October they had a meeting at the Center of Chinese Population, Health and Development, Institute of Population Research, PKU attended by its Director Xiaoying Zheng and her colleagues to discuss on continuing and possible extending of the collaboration in the field of modeling of interactions between economic growth, public health and environment pollution.

Information about the visits at Chinese web pages:


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