29 November 2016

ASA researchers gave a presentation to Finnish policy advisors

Leena Ilmola-Sheppard and Chihiro Watanabe gave a presentation of the Platform Value Now project at the Finnish Prime Minister's Office and at the Ministry on Economy of Employment in Helsinki, Finland on 23 November, 2016. Leena Ilmola-Sheppard gave a talk on "Co-development of platforms and ecosystems with key stakeholders" and Chihiro Watanabe gave a talk on "What are the typical features of platform business model" and "Uncaptured GDP".

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Leena Ilmola-Sheppard

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Advanced Systems Analysis

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Chihiro Watanabe

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Advanced Systems Analysis

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Research project


Watanabe C, Naveed K, Neittaanmäki P, & Fox B (2017). Consolidated challenge to social demand for resilient platforms- lessons from Uber's global expansion. Technology in Society 48: 33-53. DOI:10.1016/j.techsoc.2016.10.006.

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