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01 November 2016
Telling the story of the changing Arctic through theatre

The Arctic Futures Initiative will collaborate with playwright and research artist Chantal Bilodeau on developing work at the intersection of art and science that promotes a deeper understanding of changes in the Arctic, their impact on human and non-human lives, and how, ultimately, it connects us all.  More

12 September 2016
IIASA Arctic Futures Initiative represented at the 1st UArctic Congress

IIASA Research Scholar affiliated with the Arctic Futures Initiative broadened the AFI Russian network at historical UArctic Congress that took place in St. Petersburg, Russia.  More

21 July 2016
Planning for collaboration in Sochi

The Geophysical Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Arctic Futures Initiative co-organized a workshop on “Interdisciplinary scientific collaboration towards sustainable Arctic” on 21 July 2016. The workshop was organized in connection to the International Conference “Data Intensive System Analysis for Geohazard Studies” ( that took place in the Sochi Mountain cluster 18-21 July 2016.  More

06 June 2016
The White House Arctic Science Ministerial

The White House Arctic Science Ministerial (ASM), taking place on September 28, 2016, will aim to foster international scientific collaboration to help guide the future of the Arctic.  More

26 May 2016
Arctic Futures Initiative collaboration with Arctic indigenous peoples

An important element of AFI’s inclusive approach is communication and collaboration with Arctic residents and indigenous communities. In the beginning of this year, AFI team had two opportunities to communicate with indigenous peoples and get their feedback on the Initiative.  More

18 November 2015
Arctic Futures Initiative and the Arctic Council Chairmanships

AFI representative Dr. Anni Reissell attended a closed roundtable meeting on the upcoming AC Finnish Chairmanship (2017-2019) organized by the Finnish Institute of International Affairs and the Arctic Centre of the University of Lapland.  More

02 June 2014
Scenarios for a changing Arctic

IIASA’s new Arctic Futures Initiative explores the future of the Arctic region in all its dimensions. The initiative launched last week with an expert workshop and a policy-oriented special session in Laxenburg.  More

20 May 2013
The future of the Arctic

IIASA researchers and Finnish policymakers and scientists met on 16 and 17 May, 2013 to outline a new research agenda addressing the challenges facing the Arctic region.  More

IIASA and the Arctic

Features and news articles on IIASA research related to the Arctic.

IIASA Arctic Futures Initiative (AFI) - Meetings in Washington DC with U.S. Arctic policy representatives

Special Advisor to the IIASA Director General and Chief Executive Officer, Ambassador Hannu Halinen, co-chair of the Arctic Futures Initiative (AFI) and IIASA Guest Research Scholar Anni Reissell visited Washington DC on 14-18 June 2015  in connection to the Arctic Council’s Executive Senior Arctic Official (SAO) meeting. Several meetings took place as satellite meetings to the main meeting. More

Clearing the Arctic air

December 2013. Options Magazine, Winter 2013/2014  An IIASA study combines experiments and modeling with practical action to help cut pollution that is contributing to a warmer Arctic More

World Bank Report: Cutting pollution could slow Arctic warming

IIASA researchers contributed to a new joint report from the World Bank and the International Cryosphere Climate Initiative, which lays out measures for reducing pollution that could help slow warming in the Arctic, while also improving health worldwide. More

Gas flaring and household stoves speed Arctic thaw

Gas flaring by the oil industry and smoke from residential burning contributes more black carbon pollution to Arctic than previously thought—potentially speeding the melting of Arctic sea ice and contributing to the fast rate of warming in the region. More

Slowing the Arctic thaw

Cutting emissions of short-lived pollutants like black carbon and methane is feasible and could help to slow the warming of the Arctic, according to IIASA research. More

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