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© Alphaspirit | Dreamstime

© Alphaspirit | Dreamstime

We warmly welcome you to contact and connect with the AFI Staff members, Core Group members, and Alumni.

Core Group

The AFI Core Group is planning and working on implementation.  More

IIASA - AFI Alumnus

We are grateful for having very active alumni in the AFI network! More

Arctic Economic Council

The Arctic Economic Council as an independent business organization aims at facilitating sustainable economic and business development in the Arctic. One of the five overarching themes is facilitating knowledge and data exchange between industry and academia.  More

International Arctic Science Committee

The International Arctic Science Committee encourages and facilitates cooperation in all aspects of Arctic research, in all countries engaged in Arctic research and in all areas of the Arctic region, promoting and supporting leading-edge multi-disciplinary research in order to foster a greater scientific understanding of the Arctic region and its role in the Earth system. More

World Wide Fund for Nature - Arctic Programme

The World Wide Fund for Nature has actively worked on conservation and sustainable development in the Arctic through its regional programme. The vision is an Arctic shielded from the worst effects of rapid change, through effective international stewardship promoting healthy living systems to the benefit of local peoples and all humanity. More

Global Infrastructure Basel Foundation

The Global Infrastructure Basel Foundation is working to promote sustainable and resilient infrastructure through sustainable infrastructure design and financing on a global scale, including The Standard for Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure - The SuRe® Standard.  More

Pan-Eurasian Experiment

The Pan-Eurasian Experiment is an international research program aiming to be a next-generation natural sciences and socio-economic research initiative with impact on future environmental, socio-economic and demographic development of the Arctic and boreal regions as well as China. More

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