The Arctic Futures Initiative welcomes enquiries on potential postdoc opportunities at IIASA; please see guidance for applicants below.

Every year IIASA provides full funding for several postdoctoral researchers. Scholars are expected to conduct their own research in collaboration with one or more of IIASA's research programs or special projects in an interdisciplinary way. Postdoctoral positions, up to 2 years duration, should best be started between October and January.

The Postdoc candidates are kindly asked to contact the AFI well in advance to discuss the topic, contents and research plan for the proposal." 

Upcoming application deadlines:   

            2018: 1 April, 1 October            
            2019: 1 April, 1 October

AFI Postdocs

Guidance for applicants

A vast and rapid transformation of the Arctic and surrounding areas is taking place. Climate, environmental, and socioeconomic drivers may interact and amplify, making decision making in a rapidly changing Arctic difficult and uncertain.

Changes may increase existing pressures in the Arctic, while others may bring new opportunities.

The objective of the IIASA Arctic Futures Initiative (AFI) is a holistic assessment of the Arctic, involving stakeholders in dialogue already from the planning stage, through implementation to final aims.

The mission of AFI is to obtain holistic socio-economic-technical-environmental understanding of the plausible Arctic futures within the complex global system: research, policy and business in partnership. IIASA programs have expertise on complex systems analysis, scenarios, modeling, integrative and participatory techniques.

Ideally, the AFI-related YSSP and post doc proposals touch and increase the expertise of IIASA programs: Advanced Systems Analysis (ASA); Air Quality and Greenhouse Gases (AIR); Ecosystems Services and Management (ESM); Energy (ENE); Evolution and Ecology (EEP); Risk and Resilience (RISK); Transitions to New Technologies (TNT); Water (WAT); World Population (POP).

Some examples for topics to AFI-related proposals:

- Economic development of Arctic sectors and regions in relation to global economic and energy resource developments, climate change

- Scenarios for economic and resources development of the sectors and regions in the Arctic

- Cost-effective multiple-policy objective emissions reduction for the benefit of the Arctic in relation to technical and societal developments

- Pan-Arctic fisheries and stakeholders

- Energy resources: availability and exploitation, integrated assessment modeling

- Challenges of Arctic governance, models for stewardship and regulatory framework

- Values, cultures, beliefs and behavior of actors: governments, institutions, businesses, media, citizens.

- Human populations in the Arctic as an agent of change, a special emphasis on wellbeing of Indigenous peoples.

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