Ukraine became a member of IIASA in 1994 and the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (NAS) is the National Member Organization.

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The National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine is the highest state-supported research organization in Ukraine, comprising academicians, corresponding, and foreign members.The NAS integrates researchers across its member institutions and carries out research in various disciplines, and develops scientific fundamentals for technological, socio-economic and cultural advancement of the nation. The Academy is self–governing and thus makes decisions independent of political influence.

Academician Anatoly G. Zagorodny, Chairman of the National Committee for Systems Analysis and Vice-President, NAS Ukraine, is the NMO Chair for the Ukraine, and serves on the IIASA Council.

Dr. Yuriy Kostyuchenko, of the NAS Centre for Aerospace Research of the Earth serves as the NMO Secretary.

Key Relationships and Collaborations

IIASA has partnerships, or is collaborating with the following Ukrainian organizations:

Select Research Highlights

Following is a selection of research highlights relating to IIASA and the Ukraine.

Forestry and land management:

  • Biomass for heat and power in Europe: ‘Assessing the Market for Commercial use of Biomass for Heat and Power Generation, in Belarus, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey and Ukraine’. This project will assess agricultural bio-energy feedstock potentials for five Eastern European countries including the Ukraine. The project will assess the following: 1) the market for supply, distribution and use of biomass fuels; 2) the legal and regulatory framework affecting the above; 3) the environmental and social implications of biomass use, and 4) identify and assess the main participants of the biomass sector and the opportunities for scaling up biomass use.
  • IIASA are leading assessments in areas related to agricultural biomass resources, including a spatially detailed assessment for environment specific portfolios of dedicated energy crops, agricultural residues, and livestock manure. The study is funded by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, with additional funding from the Austrian Exchange Service, Österreichische Bundesforste AG Consulting, Austria, Pöyry Energy. 
  • Full carbon accounting of the forest sector: IIASA is a key partner in the EC 7th Framework Programme, the Geoinformation Technologies, Spatio-Temporal Approaches, and Full Carbon Account for improving Accuracy of Greenhouse Gas Inventories (GESAPU) project. Managed by the Systems Research Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences, this 4 year study, by 2014, aims to develop and apply methodologies that will substantially improve the accuracy of GHG inventories in all countries with differentiated regions and/or high coverage by forest. The methodology will be applied and validated in Poland and the Ukraine as part of the project.
  • Agro-ecological assessment for the transition of the agricultural sector in the Ukraine: This project developed a comprehensive picture of land use and agriculture in the Ukraine, including an assessment of land resources for current and future climatic conditions. Findings provide a basis for further development and elaboration of integrated strategies toward an environmentally sustainable and internationally competitive agricultural sector for the region.

Risk and uncertainty:

  • Flood Risk in the Upper Tisza River Region (Ukraine): Scientists from IIASA and the NAS Institute of Cybernetics, have developed a new catastrophic modeling approach for the Tisza River Basin. The integrated flood management model and software combine natural, engineering, agricultural, financial, and socio-economic systems. The models allow researchers to assess various policy options for flood management in terms of potential losses, enabling more informed decisions in relation to both mitigation and insurance associated with flood risk in the region.
  • GHG Inventories workshop: IIASA were joint organizers of the Third International Workshop on Uncertainty in Greenhouse Gas Inventories, held in Lviv, Ukraine in 2009. The 2010 Proceedings of the meeting (edited by IIASA) brings together state-of-the-art research and developments in accounting, verifying, and trading of GHG emissions, with a focus on national emission inventories, bottom-up versus top-down emission analyses, signal processing and detection, verification and compliance, and emission trading schemes.

Capacity Building

Apart from the many training workshops hosted by IIASA and our in-country partners, IIASA’s primary capacity building activities are the postdoctoral program and the annual Young Scientists Summer Program (YSSP). The YSSP offers advanced level PhD candidates the opportunity to work with IIASA scientists over a 3-month period, with the explicit aim of refining or extending their research skills in the area of systems analysis. Since the first Ukrainian participant in 1992, 39 Ukrainians have completed the Program.

Special Awards: 

Ukrainian students have also been the recipients of the YSSP Peccei Award. The Peccei and the associated Mikhalevich Award, which take the form of a scholarship, are based on the quality, originality and relevance of the recipient’s research as well as the effectiveness of the chosen approach. Consideration is also given to the candidates' overall professional contribution to the summer program.

In 1998 the Peccei Scholarship was awarded to Anton Dobronogov of Ukraine for his research on Social Security Reform.

In 1997 Tatiania Ermolieva from Ukraine received this same award for her research on risk, modeling and society.

About the Mikhalevich Award:

Academician Vladimir S. Mikhalevich (1930-1994) was the Council Member of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences at the time of his death. He was associated with the Institute for many years, in a scientific capacity as a member of the System and Decision Sciences Advisory Committee, and administratively, as Chairman of the Governing Council from 1987 to 1992.

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