United Nations Environment Programme

UN Agency providing leadership and encouraging partnership in caring for the environment.

IIASA has worked with UNEP in the following areas:

30 November 2015
Weighing green energy choices

IIASA research on concentrating solar power feeds into a new report on renewable energy released at the Paris climate conference. More

28 January 2015
Taking the pulse of global climate action

IIASA plays a leading role in shaping the annual Emission Gap Reports, launched by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) in 2010. These reports assess whether emissions pledges from countries during the international climate negotiations are on track to limit temperature increase to 2ºC or less this century. The reports appear each year to inform governments and the international policy community about the possible gap that needs to be closed in order or the world to follow a globally sustainable pathway toward wider objectives, such as the green economy. More

18 February 2013
Smarter use of nutrients will help clean up the planet, say scientists

IIASA researchers contributed to a new report that highlights the problems of nitrogen and phosphorus pollution, and proposes global solutions to help balance food production with pollution from fertilizers. More

25 January 2012
Informing the International Community

Since its beginnings in the midst of the Cold War, IIASA has been a natural convener of and contributor to integrated international scientific assessment, working with international scientists from differing disciplines to provide robust scientific information to decision makers. More

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