Tsinghua University

A comprehensive research university focused on developing low-carbon energy to address climate change and help improve air quality in China. 

IIASA has worked with Tsinghua University in the following areas:

10 February 2016
Analyzing the role of indirect connections in empirical networks

Advanced System Analysis (ASA) Program researchers develop methods and case studies analyzing empirical networked systems from ecological to economic, energy, financial and other ones. They also analyze newly available big data sets on social networks. More

10 February 2016
Drivers and impacts of economic growth: Modeling and control

Advanced Systems Analysis (ASA) Program researchers develop and study stylized economic growth models and advance methods of the optimal control theory needed to analyze such models. Long-term economic growth is driven by the dynamics of natural, physical and human capital; an extended form of these models also includes feedback with the environment under uncertainty. More

14 August 2012
Ground-level ozone in Asia

Current and future economic growth will cause serious air quality problems in Asia, negatively impacting human health and crop production, unless further air pollution control policies are implemented. More

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