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IIASA is a member in Austria's Science Center Netzwerk, a network of organizations focused on innovative science communication and hands-on science learning. 

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IIASA became a member of the Science Center Netzwerk in 2014, and several projects are currently in development connecting IIASA scientists with innovative outreach projects.

Unlike many other countries, Austria did not have a Science Center in form of a specialized museum when Science Center Network started. Since 2005, the year when SCN was founded, the situation changed: in March 2009 inatura Naturschau Dornbirn opened their interactive science zones. In June 2009 the Naturkundemuseum Haus der Natur in Salzburg opened a new tract as a science center. Since July 2010 the EXPI in Gotschuchen(Rosental, Carinthia) offeres science to touch. The big new Science Center Welios in Wels (Upper Austria) with its focus on energy opened in April 2011. Furthermore, there are a number of protagonists using comparable concepts - science center activities - in their sphere of action. 

More than 150 partners have currently joined the network and contribute actively to the community by developing, offering or using interactive science center activities throughout Austria. They work together within Science Center-Network to exchange experience, discuss strategies and ideas, develop cooperative projects and be more visible. (find the list of partners here)

The Network is coordinated by the association Science Center-Network who aims to make science center activities more popular, to spread, encourage, improve and investigate them.

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Last edited: 28 January 2015

Science Center Netzwerk

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