The YSSP Team 

The YSSP Team is responsible for making your summer at the Institute a productive and memorable experience, both scientifically and socially.

Joanne Bayer is the Dean of the YSSP.

Tanja Huber is the Coordinator of the program. She is supported in her function by Aleksandra Cofala.

Brian Fath and Warren Sanderson are the Scientific Coordinators for the YSSP and help facilitate interaction among YSSPers and their supervisors.

Brian visits IIASA each summer for 3 months and works both in the ASA program and YSSP. He was a YSSPer in 1997 himself and shares his duties with Warren who also visits IIASA each summer for 3 months, and works both in the POP program and YSSP.

Serge Medow provides computer and technical support, and assists in coordinating some of the YSSP social events.

Joanne Bayer

  Joanne Bayer
Brian Fath

  Brian Fath

Warren Sanderson

Tanja Huber

 Tanja Huber
Serge Medow

 Serge Medow
Aleksandra Cofala


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Last edited: 10 April 2014

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