Participation Costs

Financial Aid

Most of IIASA's National Member Organizations (NMO) provide special grants to enable young scientists (either their own nationals or foreign students studying in their country) to participate in the YSSP. Applicants not eligible for an NMO scholarship must find alternative funds from their home institution or other sources to finance their participation.

IIASA’s annual fund will finance up to two advanced graduate students from developing countries that are not members of IIASA.  In addition, the Petr Aven Fellowship is a grant available for exceptional young scientists from Russia or developing countries that are not members of IIASA. These grants will be awarded as part of the selection procedure.

Participation costs

IIASA does not charge a tuition fee. In general participants are expected to cover all expenses associated with their stay (3 months rent; meals; local transportation; expenses for any accompanying dependents; and health insurance) from their NMO grant or their other funding source. To cover the local costs the amount of €1,310 per month is recommended. Travel expenses from and to the home institution are usually covered by the NMOs in addition to the local costs covered by the grant. Based on our experience students usually require a total sum of around €5,000 - €5,500 on average to cover all the living and travel expenses related to their YSSP participation.

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