Every year several postdoctoral scholarships are available for research on topics related to the IIASA research agenda

Research proposal and first contact

In order to find the program suitable for your research please view our research page.

Candidates are required to develop and submit a research proposal that interfaces their own research interests with the research agenda of one of the various activities pursued at IIASA. 

Once a proposal has been formulated we encourage communication with the relevant program representatives. We suggest to look at the pdf version of the application form, frame the proposed research according to the questions there, and then send an introductory e-mail. This level of personal interaction is vital not only to discuss research ideas and ascertain their relevance to IIASA’s scientific agenda but it also allows much more realistic formulation of research plans and expectations on the part of both IIASA and the applicant. 

PDF version of the application form 

Application Procedure

1) Form
To start the application please click on the following link.

Please note that you can always exit and come back to the form by clicking the "resume later" button. To resume, use the link provided in the first registration email sent to you. This enables you to edit your answers before hitting the "submit" button.

2) Uploaded material
Please note that any uploaded documents need to be in pdf format only.

3) Submission
Click the "submit" button on the form once everything has been filled out and uploaded.

Reference Letters

Upon final submission of your application form we will contact the two referees via the email addresses provided in your application. 


The awards, which are of up to 2 years' duration, are the result of a competitive process and carry special recognition both within and outside the Institute.


  • Quality of the research
  • Novelty of the research
  • Candidate's merits
  • Cross-cutting potential

Accepted candidates are offered

  • an allowance for relocation expenses to and from Laxenburg
  • limited support for monthly business travel
  • a scholarship that is internationally competitive (~ 35 000 EUR). It is exempt from taxation in Austria, but subject to the principle of income aggregation.

All appointees are eligible for either state or private health insurance.

Applicants should have held their doctoral degree for less than 5 years at the application deadline.

All information submitted will be held in strict confidence.

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