Past Directors and Chairs

IIASA's first Director, Howard Raiffa, and first Council Chair, Jermen Gvishiani were first in a series of distinguished scientists who have held these posts at IIASA.

Past Directors:

1972-1975       Professor Howard Raiffa†

1975-1981       Dr. Roger Levien

1981-1984       Professor C.S. Holling

1984-1987       Professor Thomas H. Lee†

1987-1990       Dr. Robert H. Pry†

1990-1996       Dr. Peter E. de Jánosi†

1996-2000       Professor Gordon J. MacDonald†

2000-2002       Professor Arne B. Jernelöv (Acting Director)

2002-2008       Professor Leen Hordijk

2008-2009       Professor Sten Nilsson (Acting Director)

2009-2012       Professor Detlof von Winterfeldt


Past Council Chairs

Oct. 1972- June 1987            Acad. Jermen Gvishiani †

June 1987-May 1992             Acad. Vladimir Mikhalevich†

June 1992-Nov. 1992             Prof. Wolf Häfele†

                                           Prof. Yoichi Kaya*

Nov. 1992-June 1997             Acad. Gueorgui Golitsyn

June 1997-Nov. 1998             Prof. Kurt Komarek**

Nov. 1998-Nov. 2000             Prof. Arne Jernelöv

Nov. 2000-Nov. 2003             Prof. Kenji Yamaji***

Nov. 2003-Dec. 2008             Prof. Simon Levin

Dec. 2008-Nov. 2014             Prof. Peter Lemke

Nov. 2014-June 2017             Prof. Don Saari

* Acting Co-Chair

** Interim Chair

*** Acting Chair

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