ASEAN Region

Three ASEAN nations have become IIASA members since 2011: Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam. These formal associations solidify a history of cooperation with scientists and institutions in the region, and highlight the increasing recognition of the importance of systems approaches to decision making.

Map of ASEAN

Map of ASEAN

Since 2010, IIASA’s collaborations with researchers in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) region have increased significantly, with three ASEAN nations joining IIASA through National Member Organization (NMOs).

The Academy of Sciences of Malaysia (ASM) became the 18th IIASA NMO in January 2011; the Indonesian National Committee for Applied Systems Analysis (INCASA) joined as the 19th in June 2012, and the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST) became the 21st in November 2013. IIASA’s researchers are establishing strong collaborations in the region, particularly related to assessments and scenarios of the complex, inter-related challenges that are faced in the sustainable management of the energy, water, food, climate, and ecosystem resources. Joint activities include the recently launched Tropical Flagship Initiative that will identify policies to both preserve tropical forests in the region and create development pathways that reflect the complete value of ecosystem services and the complex social structures of the localities.

Another notable collaboration has been between demographers at IIASA and at institutes in the ASEAN region to develop population and human capital projections for 195 countries across the globe. There is significant potential for future partnerships ranging from research that builds an integrated vision of the scenarios and development options for the Mekong Delta to developing system analytical skills among young scientists in the region.

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Activities with IIASA, National Member Organization contacts


Activities with IIASA, National Member Organization contacts


Activities with IIASA, National Member Organization contacts


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