Malaysia officially became a member of IIASA in 2011 through the Academy of Sciences of Malaysia.

Map of Malaysia

Map of Malaysia

Since joining IIASA, Malaysian researchers have started collaborating with IIASA researchers on projects focused on understanding and improving air quality, sustainable land management, the changing energy landscape, and projecting demographics in Malaysia.

Beyond continuing these new research collaborations, there is significant opportunity to grow the relationship between IIASA and Malaysia’s scholarly community. Opportunities for additional collaborations include developing bespoke Malaysian version of IIASA global models, conducting international assessments in areas of Malaysian strategic interests, partnering with Malaysian institutions to win international research grants, and contributing to Malaysian science diplomacy.

Additionally, capacity building through greater scientific exchange via researching at or visiting IIASA, or taking part in IIASA programs for young scientists, will also be a priority for the partnership. This IIASA Info Sheet provides a summary of this expanding relationship since 2011.

Latest research news:

26 October 2017
Injecting biomethane into Malaysia’s natural gas grid

Options Winter 2017/18: Biomethane could have a tremendous impact in Malaysia, but its adoption in the country is highly dependent on the presence of suitable transport infrastructure.  More

27 June 2017
Safeguarding sustainability through forest certification mapping

How can we ensure forest protection and sustainable forest biomass production at the same time? A first-ever global map of certified forest areas, based on a participatory and collaborative mapping approach, contributes to the answer.  More

21 July 2016
Can palm oil be sustainable?

A new study shows to where and to what extent palm oil plantations could be expanded, while avoiding further deforestation in pristine and carbon-rich tropical forests.  More

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Last edited: 14 November 2017


Academy of Sciences Malaysia (ASM)

Asma Ismail

President, Academy of Sciences Malaysia (ASM)

Academy of Sciences Malaysia (ASM)

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