Republic of Korea

The National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF) became an IIASA National Member Organization in 2008, representing the Republic of Korea.

Sean Pavone | Dreamstime

Sean Pavone | Dreamstime

Since the Republic of Korea’s (Korea) membership of IIASA began in 2008, a range of research collaborations
and capacity building activities have been developed by IIASA and 18 Korean research partners. Studies have
explored green growth in Korea, global water challenges, and how to increase Korea’s resilience to extreme events among a range of other topics. Most of the research has also advanced Korean capacity to use and develop the tools of systems analysis such as building a Korean version of IIASA’s GAINS model that has helped governments across the globe to cut air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions in the most cost-effective manner.

Latest research news:

15 May 2019
Satellite data sheds new light on North Korea

Nocturnal luminosity implies that North Korea's economy is poorer, more volatile and more vulnerable to weather that formerly thought according to an article in The Economist.  More

18 March 2019
Wittgenstein Centre Data Explorer Version 2.0

Data on the educational attainment of the population of some 200 countries (and regions) are now available in the Version 2.0 of the Human Capital Data Explorer.  More

14 November 2018
Feminizing the workforce in aging East Asia

Options Winter 2018/19: Increasing the number of highly skilled women in the work force of East Asian countries could alleviate the expected negative economic consequences of population aging in these societies.  More

18 June 2018
Is Asia facing a coming water crisis?

Options Summer 2018: Water scarcity in Asia is likely to get worse over the coming decades, and new research from the IIASA Water Program has shown that increased water demand due to socioeconomic development is likely to be the main cause in large parts of the continent.  More

Scientific exchange:

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Last edited: 01 August 2019


National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF)

Kil Choo Moon

President, University of Science and Technology (UST)

National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF)

Yeun-Soo Choi

Office Director, Office of Global Networks, National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF)


The Korea Research Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship


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