Russian Federation

The Russian Academy of Sciences is the organization representing the Russian Federation’s membership of IIASA.

Map of Russia

Map of Russia

The Russian Federation (former Soviet Union) is one of the initiating founding member countries of IIASA. Since
its creation in 1972 with the idea of the leaderships of the USSR and the USA to use scientific cooperation
as a “bridge” for building relations between East and West, IIASA became a unique place where scientists
from Russia and other parts of the world could work together on topical global problems. Forty-five years of
continuous intensive cooperation proved to be beneficial and created long-term benefits. Recently a number of
new joint research initiatives with a large relevance to and also with involvement from the Russian Federation have been launched. Current projects include exploring challenges and opportunities of Eurasian economic integration, population aging in Russia, prevention and minimization of wildfires, Arctic futures assessment, and advancing the methods of systems analysis.

IIASA also maintains regular dialogue with relevant Russian ministries,  Administration of the President of the Russian Federation and many other institutions in order
to provide policymakers with solid research analysis. The scientific output from these numerous formal and informal activities is highly productive, with almost 800 joint publications since 2008.

This IIASA Info Sheet provides a summary of this expanding and mutually beneficial relationship since 2008.

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The Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS)

Alexei Gvishiani

Director, Geophysical Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences

The Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS)

Tatiana E. Khromova

Secretary General, Institute of Geography Russian Academy of Sciences

The Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS)

Vladimir Kotlyakov

Institute of Geography Russian Academy of Sciences

Info Sheet on IIASA Activities with Russia

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