Benefits of Membership

IIASA's NMOs, through the governing Council, play a significant role in defining IIASA's organizational strategy, appointing the IIASA Director/CEO and Deputy Director/Deputy CEO, and provide general oversight of the Institute's development. NMOs also play a critical role in building networks between IIASA and the research and policy communities within their respective countries.

Capacity Building and Research Networks

NMOs have direct access to the expertise, networks, products, and internationally acclaimed databases and models, developed by IIASA, as well as preferential employment status within the Institute.

NMOs benefit from IIASA's capacity building programs, aimed at nurturing expertise in the young and developing scientific community. These, in particular IIASA's Young Scientists Summer Program, the South African YSSP (SA-YSSP) for the southern hemisphere, and the Postdoctoral Program, focus primarily on young scientists from, or studying in, NMO countries.

Knowledge sharing workshops, conferences, and events, aimed at industry, government, and/or the scientific community, are held in NMO countries and at IIASA's facilities in Laxenburg, Austria, on a regular basis. All of the above-mentioned activities aim to enhance expertise in complex systems science and application within the global scientific and policy communities, with particular attention to the needs of NMOs and their countries.

International and Independent

Importantly, many of the issues of global change that IIASA focuses on are transnational, or global in nature. They are often controversial and politically sensitive. IIASA provides a politically neutral environment in which research can be conducted, free of national or political interference.

Membership of IIASA is generally facilitated by, and managed through, the scientific academies or 'one professional institution' within a country. For more information on NMOs or how your organization can work with IIASA please contact us.

Details about the establishment and governance of IIASA can be found in the IIASA Charter.

Membership of the IIASA NMO Council and Committees

IIASA's governing Council comprises one representative from each NMO. Professor Don Saari is the current Chair of the Council. More information on the IIASA Council and Council Committees here.

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Last edited: 20 November 2014


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