The Council conducts much of its work through an Executive Committee, a Finance Committee, a Membership Committee, a Program Committee, and an Outreach Committee.

Alexei Gvishiani, Acting Council Chair and Vice Chair
Prabhat Ranjan, Vice Chair

The Executive Committee is composed of the officers of the Council and any additional elected representatives. The Executive Committee meets at the request of the Council chair and is authorized under specific instructions from the Council to act on its behalf to carry out established Council policies between sessions of the Council. Members currently are:

  • Alexei Gvishiani (Acting Council Chair and Vice Chair)
  • Prabhat Ranjan (Vice Chair)
  • Gerhard Glatzel
  • Helga Weisz
  • Kazu Takemoto
  • Kirsten Broch Mathisen
  • Kuntoro Mangkusubroto*
  • Duncan Wingham*

    * For one year (until 31 December 2017)

The Finance Committee (Terms of Reference (ToR), composed of the chair of the Council and any additional elected representatives, is responsible for ensuring that Council is kept informed of all financial matters pertaining to the institute, and supervises matters of accounting and audit, annual payments of NMOs, realizations of royalties and other revenues, and annual financial reports. Each Finance Committee member receives a quarterly financial report from the institute’s financial controller, and the Finance Committee chair meets with the institute’s external auditors to review the results of the annual audit. Members currently are:

  • Gerhard Glatzel (Chair)
  • Ingrid Petersson (Vice Chair)
  • Asma Ismail
  • Gansen Pillay

The Membership Committee is responsible for proposing guidelines for membership policy to be approved by the Council; defining admission procedures to be approved by the Executive Committee; actively following new membership applications to prepare the Council decision; and reporting to the Executive Committee as necessary between sessions of the Council. Members currently are:

  • Helga Weisz (Chair)
  • Stan Gielen (Vice Chair)
  • Mahmoud M. Sakr
  • Anatoly Zagorodny

The Program Committee was established to focus on the Council’s responsibilities with respect to IIASA research activities, overseeing approval of the IIASA Research Plan and the external review processes. These responsibilities are designed to facilitate the Council’s decision regarding the initiation and termination of research programs, review of the IIASA research progress report, and the evaluation of ongoing research programs.

The Program Committee works closely with the SAC and the Director/CEO in the initiation of the five-year research programs. Members currently are:

  • Kazu Takemoto (Chair)
  • Concepta (Connie) McManus Pimentel (Vice Chair)
  • Moo Je Cho
  • Lea Kauppi 
  • Nosratollah Zargham
  • Duncan Wingham 

Outreach, Capacity Building, and Science Engagement Committee oversees and supports IIASA capacity building and communication activities. Current members are:

  • Kirsten Broch Mathisen (Chair)
  • Congqiang Liu (Vice Chair)
  • Ninh Khac Ban
  • Kuntoro Mangkusubroto
  • Enrique De Alba/Julia Taguena
  • Peter Mayfield

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