10 December 2018

IIASA at AGU 2018

IIASA researchers will participate in the 100th Anniversary American Geosciences Union Fall Meeting 2018, presenting new research on climate policies, water, air, and more. Yoshihide Wada will be presented with the 2018 Hydrologic Sciences Early Career Award for his outstanding work in hydrologic science.

© Orhan Cam| Shutterstock

© Orhan Cam| Shutterstock

The AGU fall meeting brings together over 23,000 researchers from around the world covering disciplines of the Earth, planetary and space sciences. It will highlight the latest discoveries, insights, and advances for the global community of geoscientists, and at the same time raise appreciation of the value and impact of their science among world leaders in Washington, D.C.

A wide scope of AGU 2018 sessions have been organized by IIASA researchers, alumni, and collaborators. IIASA Director General and CEO Dr. Albert S. van Jaarsveld will speak at the Union panel session Geoscience Impact in a Complex World: Successful Collaboration with Social Scientists. Former IIASA Director General and CEO Professor Dr. Pavel Kabat will be co-convening a session jointly with the President of the International Science Council Gordon McBean.

At this year's meeting Yoshihide Wada, IIASA Water Program deputy director, will be presented with the 2018 Hydrologic Sciences Early Career Award. Yoshi was selected for the award for demonstrating exceptional promise for continued contributions in research, education, and societal impacts.

IIASA alumnus Gregory Carmichael has been selected as an AGU Fellow for his visionary leadership and scientific excellence.

IIASA's NMO, the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine and the Friends of IIASA are also planning to organize IIASA community events in Washinton D.C. during AGU week.

The AGU Fall meeting provides a unique opportunity for journalists and science writers to talk to researchers, learn about new developments and find out about the latest discoveries in a variety of areas, such as climate, space and planetary science missions, natural disasters, and seafloor exploration.

Additional information for journalists will be available prior to the meeting: To arrange interviews with IIASA researchers please contact the IIASA Press Office.

IIASA Participation

Union Sessions  

U008 Geoscience Impact in a Complex World: Successful Collaboration with Social
IIASA Director General and CEO Dr Albert van Jaarsveld
Margaret R Goud Collins, Friends of IIASA
Fabian Wagner, Air Quality and Greenhouse Gases Program 

Global Environmental Change Sessions 

GC054 Global and Regional Energy-Water-Land Nexus: Data, Modeling, and Analysis
Yoshihide Wada, Water Program
Adriano Vinca, Energy Program

GC064 Linkages between climate policies and multiple sustainable development goals
Fabian Wagner, Air Quality and Greenhouse Gases Program
GC062 Innovative Modeling Frameworks to Represent Human-Earth System Interactions
Across Multiple Sectors and Scales
Katherine V Calvin | Pacific Northwest National Laboratory [IIASA Alumni]

GC086: The global water cycle: linkages of ocean salinity with the atmosphere and terrestrial hydrology
Peter Greve, Water Program

GC14C-05 The benefits of 1.5°C and targeted poverty reduction in hotspots of climate extremes 
Edward Byers, Energy Program

GC24B-02 Assessing Global Vulnerability and Exposure to Land, Energy, and Water Impacts from Climate Change
Matthew Gidden, Energy Program

GC22A-02 Identifying multi-sectoral climate and vulnerability hotspots in the world’s major river basins
Edward Byers, Energy Program

Atmospheric Sciences Sessions

A109 Urban and regional air quality: Emissions, land surface forcing, and meteorological
Gregory R Carmichael | Univ Iowa [IIASA Alumni]


Biogeosciences Sessions 

B034 Global and Regional Nitrous Oxide Budget: Data, Models, and Uncertainty
Wilfried Winiwarter, Air Quality and Greenhouse Gases Program 

B059 Nutrient-Carbon Cycle Interactions in Terrestrial Ecosystems
Andreas Richter, Ecosystems Services and Management Program and University of Vienna


B063 Plant Traits, Biogeochemical Cycles and Optimality Driven Model Development
Oskar Franklin, Ecosystems Services and Management Program


Hydrology Sessions 

H009 Advances in large-scale modeling and remote sensing of climate-hydrology-human
interactions toward sustainable land-water resource management
Yoshihide Wada, Water Program 

H065 Groundwater, Climate and Adaptation to Hydrological Extremes
Yoshihide Wada, Water Program


H059 Food-Energy-Water Nexus in a Changing World
Junguo Liu | Southern University of Science and Technology, [IIASA Alumni]

H070 - Hydrologic Applications for Global Water Security 
Ting Tang, Water Program

Natural Hazards Sessions 

NH006 Citizen Science for Building Resilience to Natural Hazards
Wei Liu, Risk and Resilience Program 

NH023 Landslide Remote Sensing, InSAR Based Monitoring, Modeling, and Early
Dalia Kirschbaum | NASA Goddard Space Flight Center [IIASA Alumni]


NH029 Recent Advances and Experience in Riverine Probabilistic Flood Hazard
Stephen Breithaupt | Pacific Northwest National Laboratory [IIASA Alumni]

Public Affairs Sessions

PA037 International Science Addressing Global Agenda 2030
Former IIASA Director General and CEO Pavel Kabat

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