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The Internal Research Committee (IRC) provides scientific guidance, consultation, and advice in pursuit of IIASA’s strategic objectives. The IRC strengthens the interactions among IIASA’s research programs, facilitates their exchange with IIASA’s Council and Directorate, and helps toward building a working environment maximally conducive for conducting high-quality research. For further details see the IRC’s Terms of Reference.


The IRC is comprised of all IIASA program leaders, complemented by four additional members. IIASA’s Director and Deputy Director participate as non-voting members.

Program Delegates

Program leaders absent from the institute at the time of an IRC meeting are expected to delegate an informed scientist to represent the program at the meeting and report back to the program after the meeting. Likewise, a program leader serving in IIASA’s Directorate delegates the program’s vote to an informed scientist from that program.

Member Election

The four additional IRC members are elected for a term of one year. All scientific staff can nominate candidates, including themselves. Candidates need to confirm their willingness to accept the nomination before appearing on the ballot. Each scientific staff member may vote for up to four candidates in a secret ballot. Votes are counted by the IRC Chair, seconded by the Chair Elect and/or Past Chair.Candidates are ranked in each program according to the number of votes they have received; among candidates top-ranked in their programs, the four candidates with the most votes are elected. Individual vote counts are kept confidential.

Chair Election

Election of a new IRC Chair is organized by the current IRC Chair before the close of his or her term as Chair. All voting IRC members can nominate candidates for the IRC Chair. The IRC Chair is elected by all voting IRC members or delegates, each casting a single vote in a secret ballot. Absentee votes may be cast via the IRC Chair. After all votes have been received or a designated period has expired, votes are counted by the IRC Chair, seconded by the Chair Elect and/or Past Chair. The candidate with the largest number of votes is elected. Individual vote counts are kept confidential.

Executive Team

The IRC Executive Team is charged with handling IRC affairs. The team consists of the current IRC Chair, the Chair Elect, and the Past Chair. The IRC Chair serves a six-month term synchronized with the biannual meetings of IIASA’s Council. A newly elected IRC Chair joins the Executive Team as Chair Elect for one term, before serving one term as Chair, and one term as Past Chair. No one person can hold two positions on the Executive Team. The IRC terms of IRC members who are elected to the Executive Team and are not program leaders are extended for the duration of their term on the Executive Team, with the number of newly electable additional members adjusted accordingly.

Calling and Chairing of IRC Meetings

IRC meetings are called and chaired by the IRC Chair. IRC meetings are scheduled to take place regularly, typically monthly. On occasion, the IRC Chair may call an IRC meeting in which only voting IRC members participate.

Subcommittees and Coordinators

For selected tasks, the IRC can appoint subcommittees and/or coordinators. Participating staff can volunteer their efforts and need not be IRC members.

Invitation of Guests

The person chairing an IRC meeting can invite guests to join for relevant discussions.


Formal IRC votes require participation of at least half of the IRC members or delegates. Each member can cast a single vote. IRC decisions are taken when supported by the majority of IRC members or delegates in attendance.

Minutes of Meetings

It is recommended that minutes be prepared of all IRC meetings, covering decisions and key discussion points. Minutes do not require formal approval, but should be updated at the request of IRC members.

Other Meetings

The Executive Team can call other meetings consisting, for example, of senior scientists or all scientific staff.

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