Previous YSSP Fund Recipients



Yue Qin

Hosting IIASA Research Program: Air Quality and Greenhouse Gases

Supervisors: Lena Höglund Isaksson, Zbigniew Klimont

Citizenship: China

Project Abstract

Lu Liu

Hosting IIASA Research Program: Energy

Supervisors: Matthew Gidden, Edward Byers, Simon Parkinson, Nils Johnson, Keywan Riahi

Citizenship: China

Project Abstract

Kemen Austin

Hosting IIASA Research Program: Ecosystems Services and Management

Supervisors: Aline Mosnier, Ian McCallum

Citizenship: USA  

Project Abstract

Honglin Zhong

Hosting IIASA Research Program: Water

Supervisors: Günther Fischer, Laixiang Sun

Citizenship: China

Project Abstract

Petr Aven Fellowship

Diana Erazo

Hosting IIASA Research Program: Evolution and Ecology

Supervisor: Rupert Mazzucco

Citizenship: Colombia  

Project Abstract


Roger Levien Fellowship

Zhimin Mao and Roger Levien, July 2015

Zhimin Mao

Hosting IIASA Research Program: Mitigation Of Air Pollution and Greenhouse Gases Program

Supervisor: Zbigniew Klimont

Citizenship: China 

More on Zhimin's research project.

Zhimin is Peccei Award 2015 winner.

Petr Aven Fellowship

Natalia Borisevich

Hosting IIASA Research Program: Ecosystems Services and Management

Supervisor: Anatoly Shvidenko and Dmitry Shchepashchenko

Citizenship: Russian Federation

More on Natalia's research project



Thanicha Ruangmas

Hosting IIASA Research Program: Mitigation Of Air Pollution and Greenhouse Gases

Supervisors: Lena Höglund Isaksson and Wolfgang Schöpp

Citizenship: Thailand

Abstract & Biosketch

Petr Aven Fellowship

Askhad Panesh

Hosting IIASA Research Program: Advanced Systems Analysis

Supervisors: Alexey Davydov and Anatoly Shvidenko

Citizenship: Russian Federation

Abstract & Biosketch



   Yihun Dile Taddele 

  Hosting IIASA Research Program: Water 

  Supervisors: David Wiberg and Harrij van Velthuizen

  Citizenship: Ethiopia

Watch the video to hear about Yihun's experience at IIASA:

Petr Aven Fellowship 

   Naghmeh Pakdellahiji  

  Hosting IIASA Research Program: Risk Policy and Vulnerability Program

  Supervisor: Stefan Hochrainer-Stigler

  Citizenship:  Iran



Pheakkdey Nguon 

Hosting IIASA Research Program: Ecosystems Services and     Management

Supervisors: Florian Kraxner and Hannes Böttcher

Citizenship: Cambodia

Pheakkdey won an IPCC reserach fellowship to fund his research on REDD+  in Cambodia in October 2013.  Read more in our interview with him.


Petr Aven Fellowship

   Lan Hoang

  Hosting IIASA Research Program:  Risk, Policy and Vulnerability Program

  Supervisors: Jan Sendzimir and Marek Makowski

  Citizenship: Vietnam

 Lan's YSSP Profile was a featured article in August 2012. 



    Prestige Makanga

   Hosting IIASA Research Program:  Exploratory & Special Projects 

   Supervisor: Landis MacKellar

   Citizenship: Zimbabwe


Shahriar Rahman

Hosting IIASA Research Program:  Advanced Systems Analysis 

Supervisor: Marek Makowski

Citizenship: Bangladesh

Petr Aven Fellowship

    Anastasia Emelyanova

   Hosting IIASA Research Program: World Population Program

   Supervisor: Warren Sanderson

   Citizenship: Russian Federation

Click here to read the featured article in Options from Winter 2012/12.

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