Annual Fund 2017 Recipients

The recipients of the Annual Fund 2017 will spend a summer of intensive research at IIASA. They will have a unique opportunity to work with the most renowned experts in their fields, advance their projects and build long-term collaborations and friendships. They would not have this chance without the generous support of committed donors.

Thank you for helping us add four new members to the global YSSP family! We are counting on your support next year!

Olugbemisola Samuel

Hosting IIASA Program: World Population (POP)

Citizenship: Nigeria

Olugbemisola's message to the donors:

Most West African countries are victims of air pollution that shorten the life expectancy of their populations. Average number of years lived by people in most African countries is on the decline. My study seeks to identify the air pollutants in Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia and Burkina Faso. I will strive to explore the relationship patterns between each of the identified pollutants and life expectancy outcomes of male and female populations. The findings of my study will hopefully help the policy makers to find ways of controlling the pollutants and eventually to improve the life expectancy of the affected populations.  

I am grateful to the donors of IIASA Annual Fund 2017 for creating the platform where intellectual talents can be showcased and for encouraging young researches to pursue their ambitions. Thank you for giving me your support! I promise to use IIASA resources and network to advance my project for the benefit of mankind.

Nemi Vora

Hosting IIASA Program: Advanced Systems Analysis (ASA)

Citizenship: India

Nemi's message to the funder:

My work involves looking at food production, trade, and associated life cycle environmental impacts of agriculture. I specifically focus on quantifying interdependencies between food, energy, and water systems and understanding effects of current U.S. agriculture production practices on the environment through systems analysis. In the future, I would like to be able to continue working in the field of sustainable agriculture and food production and help contribute to policy-relevant work in that direction.

I would especially like to thank Ferrero for providing me this great opportunity to further my research and build a network of fellow scientists and sustainability professionals. With IIASA and Ferrero's support, my work will involve understanding effects of interventions (positive and negative) on food trade networks. I pledge to use the opportunity provided to contribute significantly to the ongoing food, energy, water nexus dialogue. 

Petr Aven Fellowship

Dmitrii Iakubovskii

Hosting IIASA Program: Risk & Resilience (RISK)

Citizenship: Russia

Dmitrii's message to Dr. Petr Aven:

I do important research on the reliability of electric power systems field. The objective of my project is to develop and improve methods and technologies of assessment of threats (risks and natural hazards) and their impacts on electric power systems and interconnections reliability. In particular, I focus on the electric power systems of the Eurasian Economic Union. The main challenge that needs to be addressed is applying the most effective optimization methods to minimize power shortage that have not been used for assessment reliability of electric power systems before and attempt to upgrade these methods using parallelizing and GPU cores.

I would like to express sincere appreciation and gratitude to Dr. Petr Aven for providing the financial support necessary to participate in YSSP 2017. I will do my best to achieve the goals I have set for myself in the framework of the summer program at IIASA. 

Learn more about Petr Aven Fellowship.

Roger Levien Fellowship

Parul Tewari

Science Communication Fellow

Citizenship: India

Parul's message to Dr. Roger Levien:

I am currently working with the Media/Communications Team at the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) in New Delhi, India. Established in 1980, CSE is an environmental public research and advocacy organisation. It researches into, lobbies for and communicates the urgency for development that is both sustainable and equitable. My role requires me to work on communication strategies in order to engage with the government, media, communities and think-tanks (among others) with the ultimate objective of bringing about policy change towards sustainable development.

I feel that environmental issues and climate change in particular is still looked at as someone else's problem and people by and large fail to understand it as their own. One of the biggest reasons is that it is mostly talked about among academia making the discourse fairly limited. My attempt is to bridge that gap and be able to bring scientific studies to a larger audience through effective and interesting communication channels in order to shift mindsets and bring about change.

I am grateful to IIASA for selecting me as the Science Communication Fellow for the year 2017. I will use this opportunity to understand the research work being done at the institute and how it is effecting change at the global level. I'd also like to appreciate the contribution from Dr. Roger Levien who made it possible for me to achieve my goals.

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