Abstract of Lecture

Complex Event Processing

Event processing has been going on for more than fifty years (s. [Lu02], [Lu11]). So it will be shown in the presentation, what’s new about Complex Event Processing. By the understanding today Complex Event Processing consists of processing many events happening across all the layers of an organization, identifying the most meaningful events within the event cloud, analyzing their impact, and taking decisions in (near) real time. Typical applications of CEP include algorithmic stock-trading, the detection of credit-card fraud, business activity monitoring, and security monitoring.

The developments in the field of computer science/engineering like discrete event simulation, computer networks, active databases, distributed systems, business process management and middleware are discussed as major areas for CEP.

Currently there exists a variety of approaches for CEP, what is an indication of a technology in an early stage of development. To overcome this situation the EPTS – Event Processing Technical Society (2007, www.ep-ts.com) has been formed.

To discuss the potential of CEP for the advancement of classical systems analysis it will be shown first the horizontal integration in information systems by using the concept of service-oriented architecture (SOA). To overcome the temporal and the semantic gaps in the organizations information system the concept of event-driven architecture (EDA) is used.  In the talk AutoEDA an IT-Framework for CEP in Manufacturing will be presented for the management and control of a casting enterprise (s. [GrKA10], [GrSe11]). Instead of this real time enterprise one could think about dynamic models for organizations like the economy of a region or a whole nation.

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