Publications on IIASA

A collection of publications on IIASA and systems analysis by alumni and colleagues appears below in order of publication year. Please feel free to get in touch with us regarding suggestions or any questions.

IIASA Conference 1976
The Concept of IIASA by J. Gvishiani
Creating an International Research Institute by Howard Raiffa
Applying Systems Analysis in an International Setting by Roger Levien

Scientific cooperation as a bridge across the Cold War divide: The case of IIASA by Alan McDonald (1998)

RAND, IIASA and the Conduct of Systems Analysis by Roger Levien (2000)

Building Bridges in Science and Society during the Cold War: The Origins of IIASA by Giuliana Gemelli (2001)

Thinking Outside the Tank - Warum das IIASA der Klein-Hypothese widerspricht by Michael Thompson (2010)

Towards a Social History of the Purification of Governance: The Case of the IIASA by Egle Rindzeviciute (2010)

Bridging East and West. The Establishment of the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) in the United States Foreign Policy of Bridge Building, 1964–1972 by Leena Riska Campbell (2011)

Memoir: Analytical Roots of a Decision Scientist by Howard Raiffa (2011)

Plutonium Worlds. Fast Breeders, Systems Analysis and Computer Simulation in the Age of Hypotheticality by Sebastian Vehlken (2014)

Von Schmetterlingen und Atomreaktoren: Medien und Politiken der Resilienz am IIASA by Isabell Schrickel (2014)

Bubbles and Spirals: The Memoirs of C.S. Buzz Holling (2016)

Internationalization of Cold War systems analysis: RAND, IIASA and the institutional reasons for methodological change by Matthias Duller (2016)

The Power of Systems by Egle Rindzeviciute (2016)

Control versus Complexity: Approaches to the Carbon Dioxide Problem at IIASA by Isabell Schrickel (2017)

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